Video Production


Videos are a unique way of presenting ideas, invitations, advertisements and more. It is a well-known scientific fact - Good videos can express, emote and cling to the brain for a longer time. Videos have bundles of factors which prove it to be a better choice of presenting things, with a unique touch of elegance and emotions.

Kusum Innovations is a pioneer with a fine taste in video production and provides class video production services. All your requirements can go take a break with Kusum's team, as they understand your need to the core and present to you a marvel speeding in frames. Kusum Innovations creative cinematography skills are put to test on time and money, where we deliver the best video solutions for your requirements in a jiffy.

Establishing a medium of trust and transparency as the leading video production house in Delhi, Our team of incredibles can pull off any and every theme you demand. From marriage videos to birthday invitation videos, from gifting videos to save the date videos, from surprise videos to invites - we have claimed all with ultimate finesse and are hungry for more!

Our foot is just not set on the outside, but we have made quite a few exceptional pieces of work in the corporate setting as well. Demand from us logo animations, corporate marketing videos, brand explainer videos, corporate films, promotional ad films and we won't refuse even once. In return, we will bedazzle your wits with a wonderful video.

We Program Your Ideas to Reality!

  • Animated Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Demo videos

The Three Major Milestones In Which We Divide Our Pedagogy Must Be Clear
To Our Clients. They Are :-


Pre - production : This step focuses on building your requirement from the abstract into the reality. With rigourous discussions and imaginative holds, the basis of your video is decided. The flow is crafted and the setting is enhanced to achieve creative mastery. Ticking a check over all the bullets of requirements, a script is framed and revised until YOU are happy!

Production : Once our client gives us a green light to move forward, we put on our producer caps and get it on to make the best video for you! Production step involves making the video a reality, taking it from the scribble on the paper and converting it into a real motion video. You can opt for an animation based video, or we can embark together on a live shoot too!

Post - Production : Having completed the shoot, now comes the tough part. Your video is now edited and we take all the sweat. Repeated corrections are incorporated keeping in mind your demand and the quality. Editing is done such that colour palettes are added to enhance the look, voice overs are added to give a touch of superior experience, suitable music is fit with the video for luxury and ease etc.

When all the crucial steps of production are achieved - Voila! Your video is complete. Kusum Innovation assures you that the end result will not only make you hop with joy but, it will make you always choose us for all the coming times.

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