Hardware Development


With the software industry on a boom, the biggest mistake your brand commits is to underestimate the power of the hardware industry. When hardware complements the software, a power-house product comes to life and wins the battle to be the best.

Kusum Innovations spreads its wings as a Hardware Development Company where we are fond of hardware and ecstatic about developing solutions which have a hardware base. Strategic hardware development when put to use, can generate revolutionistic ideas into impactful products.

Our team of experienced engineers work day-in and day-out to achieve success for your product, and lay it out with great accuracy and precision. Hardware development is a huge field and as an Electronic Design and Manufacturing company, Kusum Innovations endorses three particular types of services for its clients. They are as follows.

We Program Your Ideas to Reality!

  • Electronics Development
  • Device Development
  • Prototype Development

Prototype Development : Prototypes are the basic requirements for any tech-biz trying to attract a handful of investors and customers. Kusum Innovations helps such ideators reach their prototype without any difficulty.
We need just a master idea and we promise to turn it into a classic prototype. Not the final product definitely, a prototype clears your mind about the product under making and lets you add details and corrections as per reviews and market survey. Dedicated research over the hardware aspect is done extensively until our engineers are satisfied. Then only the prototype is developed using micro-controllers like Arduino etc. A prototype is crafted with utmost care and affection, with feelings that it is our own.

Product Development : Clients approach us for developing hardware solutions for ideas which have a feeble existence in their mind. They describe what they want and we fine tune the frequency of our brain to catch the same. A concentrated study phase for your product begins and an impactful prototype is crafted capturing all the minute details our client wants in his product. A prototype goes through a series of checks and is made absolutely bug-free before mounting it on a PCB design board, and labelling it as a finished product. Device Development is done hands-on using the best technology available in the market.

Customised Electronics : Custom electronics development is definitely the course future innovators will take up. Where the world is becoming specific and needs personalisation in every field of action, custom electronics is ready to take the world by storm. Kusum Innovations always scouts for clients who demand for custom solutions for their very problems, with a base of solid electronics. Such clients can ask us to pair an electronic device with an app, or record the data being sensed by a sensor etc. We are open to incredible ideas and precise execution. Nothing gives us a cold feet, not even gregarious hardwork and humongous work pressure.

Apart from these, Final and Pre-Final Year college students can turn to us for help and guidance for their major/minor electronics projects as Kusum Innovations strongly supports fresh talent and incredible ideas.

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