Types Of Videos

Types Of Videos


Videos are amazing. They are the most incredible tools for a business to put forward their ideas and thoughts in the most crisp manner. The uniqueness of a video counts when competing with other brands, and get the pin-points through to the audience loud and clear.

Videos are short and to-the-point. It is interesting to go through a short clip, rather than flipping a few detailed pages of a document. Videos are the most engaging source of information and can be made interactive by addition of vibrant pictures and breath-taking animations.

Start-Ups and various popular brands have shown a significant inclination towards video production because it helps them illustrate their idea with powerful graphics and abundance of strong animation. Not only this, they find that videos convey stronger messages with a subtle tone which is beyond the scope of a powerpoint presentation.

With videos dominating the sectors of online marketing, Kusum Innovations, exclaimed to be the best video production company takes it as a responsibility to introduce a freshness to this very mundane trend. Our team of videographers, designers, editors, creative artists sit together to weave the best videos for our clients.

The process is extremely simple and the outcome is a pure wonder. While we develop a fantastic video for your brand, you get to be the part of the team. We entertain you with full transparency and ensure to hit the apex of success with the best use of your money.

We Program Your Ideas to Reality!

  • Save The Date Videos
  • Graphics Videos
  • Testimonials Videos
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • Introduction Videos

To begin with and help you choose the course you'd want to embark upon, why not familiarise ourselves with the types of videos prevalent in the industry with humongous demand on the block. They are :-


Animated Videos : Animation is elusive but effortless when witnessed. Animated videos hold the attention of a small baby and even of a young individual. Animation poured in finite proportions with creativity, can turn wonders for your brand and this is what we do. We sip from the cup of incredible innovation and pour from the same into the art of animation. At Kusum Innovations, our motto remains to build a unique piece of expressive art which can be played through strategically aligned frames. Animated videos form the basis of video marketing and multitudes of explainer videos, social media campaigns etc. run around the same. They are the highlights of Social platforms and constitute a huge portion of YouTube.

Corporate Videos : Corporate Videos are effective tools to communicate loads about your brand. Such videos are majorly used to define a brand and make the audience aware of its presence. A mystery foundation is laid in the minds of the audience using social media platforms, after which the major chunk of the video is launched. This is the case with Logo Launch and Logo Teaser videos. Also, when talking about corporate videos, they include the category of videos such as brand introduction, brand explainer videos which come handy when pitching for your brand in-front of a bunch of interested investors.

Television Commercial Videos : TVCs are all around us! They are over the television set and now they are swarming over the social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. TVCs are the closest to real life and the very popular brands that are printed on the back of your tongue, come from the impact TVCs have on you. TVCs take bundles of hardwork and Kusum Innovations invests in such an effort to reap the best outcomes. Highly experienced team of professionals working with us make it a possibility for Kusum Innovations to ace the TVCs with perfection.

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